CMSwithTMS’s professional services are provided by Globalme. Globalme is a language technologies company with a full staff of linguists, editors, localization engineers, project managers and localization quality assurance testers.

Turn-key CMSwithTMS

With turn key CMSwithTMS, all you have to do is to install the CMSwithTMS plugin to your content management system and we will take care of the rest. We will setup the project and workflows based on your preferences and provide all resources (translation, translation+editing, translation+QA etc.).
When you have a new post or page to translate, you will click the “Translate” button directly from your content management system and the rest will be handled by our professional localization team. The translated content will be automatically pushed back to your content management system.

  • You do not have dedicated localization staff
  • You do not want to involve in project management
  • You are looking for the easiest translation implementation
Professionally translated and edited – $0.15/word
(contact us for additional services)

Pay-per-need CMSwithTMS

If you already have a translation team or plan to recruit your own resources, we’ll fill in the gaps. With pay-per-need, we will help you setup your GlobalSight instance and you will manage your own projects. You won’t need to worry about the technical details of the system but will have complete control over your projects.
Pay-per-need CMSwithTMS is a completely scalable solution. If your internal team cannot keep up with your company’s growing translation and localization needs, you can request additional resources from us.

  • You have dedicated localization staff and an established translation team
  • You have processes in place for translation project management
  • You are interested in a flexible implementation

Will vary based on your need

Custom Implementation

If you customized WordPress or Drupal and/or use custom nodes, default CMSwithTMS implementation may not address your needs. Please contact us at [email protected] and we can fully customize CMSwithTMS for your needs.

Have your own GlobalSight instance? Just download the plug-in and start translating!