Translation Management Systems offer numerous benefits. Usually the challenge is being locked in a proprietary system and interoperability. If you chose an open source content management system for flexibility, you expect the same flexibility from your multilingual publishing solution too, don’t you?

Meet CMSwithTMS

CMSwithTMS is a cross-platform plugin. It enables your Content Management System for multilingual publishing and connects its backend to the open source Translation Management System GlobalSight. With a single click, your authors or project managers can send a page or a post to translation. The translation process can be handled by your companies’ internal localization department, an external translation vendor or through CMSwithTMS Professional Service offerings. At the end of the process, translated content can be pushed back to the Content Management System automatically.
CMSwithTMS enterprise website translation workflow

What are the components involved in the process?

There are three technical components:

  • Content Management System: your existing publishing platform
  • CMSwithTMS: the free plugin that transforms your CMS to a multilingual platform
  • GlobalSight: translation management system that handles the translation workflow

Who is going to translate my content?

You can use the professional service offerings provided by CMSwithTMS or use your existing translation team.

Which Content Management Systems are supported?

At the current, CMSwithTMS supports WordPress 3.X and Drupal 6.X. Drupal 7.X support is coming very soon and Joomla will be next.

What if I use more than one Content Management System?

This is CMSwithTMS’s sweet spot. As long as the the CMS is in our supported list, you can connect as many different Content Management Systems to the same Translation Management System, therefore benefiting from the central translation management process.

How do I get GlobalSight?

If you want to host your own instance of GlobalSight, you can download it from To save the configuration and ongoing technical maintenence , contact us to inquire about our enterprise implementation offerings.

How do I get get started?

Contact us at [email protected] and tell us about your environment and needs. We will be happy to help you define the best process and implementation for your particular need. You can keep using your current linguists and localization team, CMSwithTMS will help you reduce the overhead, translation costs and manual work involved in multilingual web publishing.