Enable additional languages for your Drupal site

  • Go to Administer > Site configuration > Languages
  • Click “Add language” and add the languages you wish to your site

Make your content types language aware

  • Go to Administer > Content Management > Content types, select Story
  • Expand “Workflow settings”, select “Enabled, with translation” and click “Save content type”
  • Go back in to Story settings, expand “Multilanguage options” and select the first two checkboxes (not required but recommended)

Configure your CMSwithTMS settings

  • Go to Administer > Content Management > CMSwithTMS > Configuration
  • Use of the translation service provided by CMSwithTMS does not require any configuration. Simply leave the default “Use CMSwithTMS servers” selection. If you want to use your own GlobalSight instance, see this page
  • Select your publishing preference. If you want the translated posts to go to live status directly, select “Published”. If you want to review and approve them before going live, select “Unpublished”
  • Click “Save configuration”
CMSwithTMS Drupal Configuration

That’s it. You can now use CMSwithTMS to translate your Drupal content.