Create a file profile on GlobalSight

  • Consult with your GlobalSight Administrator to create a new file profile with the following settings:
    • Source File Format: HTML
    • Filter: HTML_Filter
    • Source File Format: HTML
    • Source File Encoding: UTF-8
    • File Extensions: txt
  • Create a new user with project creation rights for the file profile id that you created
Configure GlobalSight

Configure server parameters for CMSwithTMS

  • Log in to your Drupal backend and go to Administer > Content Management > CMSwithTMS > Configuration
  • Select “Use my own GlobalSight instance”
  • Fill the “Connection Settings” and “Translation Settings” parameters based on the values you created above
CMSwithTMS configuration parameters

Map your Drupal languages to GlobalSight

  • Go to Administer > Content Management > CMSwithTMS > Languages
  • The GlobalSight locale column displays the languages that are available in the file profile that you provided in the previous step. Map each of your Drupal languages to a locale available under this column.
  • Note: if you do not provide the mapping information, you will not be able to process the translation for that language using GlobalSight.
GlobalSight Drupal Translation Mapping