Enable the required “Content translation” and “Locale” modules

  • Login to your Drupal backend
  • Go to Modules
  • Select the check mark next to “Content translation” and “Locale” modules and click “Save configuration”
Enable Modules CMSwithTMS

Install and enable CMSwithTMS module

  • Go to Modules
  • Click “Install new module” at the top of the page (1)
  • Copy/paste the following URL in the “Install from a URL” textbox (2)
    • http://cmswithtms.net/download/drupal7
  • Click Install
  • Once installation is complete, find the CMSwithTMS module in the list, tick the checkbox to enable it and click “Save configuration” (3)

Drupal7 Translation Plugin Installation

Now that you have installed CMSwithTMS, head to the configuration page to get going.