Send a page to GlobalSight for translation

  • Go to the article that you want to translate
  • Select language from the dropdown in CMSwithTMS widget on the right hand side
  • Tick the Send to CMSwithTMS box
  • Click the Translate button

Translate MediaWiki Content
Perform the translation job in GlobalSight

Receive translated content from GlobalSight

  • Go to Special Pages > CMS with TMS – Jobs
  • Find the corresponding job and click the “Download” button
MediaWiki Localization

Note: You can only download if the job is in “Exported” status in GlobalSight. If the job has not been completed, try downloading again once all tasks in GlobalSight have been finalized.

You can now browse to the translated page by using the language link or by adding the language parameter to the URL (e.g w=fr)

MediaWikiTranslation Tool