CMSwithTMS lets you transform your content management system to a multilingual platform in just a few steps. Each step is clearly documented, no technical knowledge is necessary.

  1. Install CMSwithTMS plugin for your content management system
  2. Configure your languages
  3. Translate your template
  4. Start translating your posts

How much does it cost?

The cost for professional translation and editing is $0.15 per source word. We provide a wide range of additional services such as in context review and localization testing. If you would like to learn more, please contact us at [email protected] and tell us more about your need. Professional services for CMSwithTMS are provided by Globalme language&technology, a full service translation and localization company.

Can I use my own translators?

Absolutely. CMSwithTMS makes your content management system multilingual. You can either skip the translation management system features and add your own translations or set up a GlobalSight server of your own to benefit from all features. If you are a low volume publisher, however, the most cost effective solution may be using the integrated translation solutions. Contact us at [email protected] for your need and we can help you configure the best solution.

How do I get started?

Head to the Documentation page and you will be up and running in a few minutes.