We are excited to announce the release of CMSwithTMS translation plugin for Drupal 7.X. This initial beta release includes the same functionality as the WordPress 3.X and Drupal 6.X versions which were released back in September.

CMSwithTMS creates a bridge between a content management system (WordPress and Drupal for now) and the open source translation management system GlobalSight. Publishers can send the content to their translation vendor directly from the content management system with a single click. Translated posts will be pulled and published on the site automatically.

Connecting GlobalSight and Drupal

CMSwithTMS easily initiates the communication between the Drupal and GlobalSight instances. If you use the professional services provided by CMSwithTMS, no configuration is necessary. Select the target languages for your website or blog and you are ready to go.

Multilanguage Drupal

To use your own GlobalSight instance, you need to provide the details of your GlobalSight server. Configuration is very easy and requires a few server parameters.

GlobalSight Configuration

See Installing CMSwithTMS on Drupal 7 for a step-by-step guide on getting started.

Translating Drupal Content with CMSwithTMS

CMSwithTMS plugin adds a simple option in to the content creation interface of Drupal. All you need to do is to select the checkbox and your content will be sent to GlobalSight for translation. There is no new user interface to learn or teach to your content publishers.

Drupal Translation Options

You can track translation status directly from the Drupal backend. Translated content will be pulled to Drupal automatically once the job is completed on GlobalSight. Depending on your preference, it can either go live directly or wait approval from a reviewer.

GlobalSight Translation Status

See the Drupal 7 translation under the documentation section for complete details on installation, configuration and usage of CMSwithTMS for Drupal 7. Head to the download section and get the plugin.

We will be adding batch translation, link translation and other exciting features in the very near future so stay tuned.