We are excited to announce MediaWiki as a supported content management system by CMSwithTMS. MediaWiki is the most widely used Wiki engine which powers WikiPedia (http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?TopTenWikiEngines). Like the Drupal and WordPress versions of CMSwithTMS, MediaWiki lets content publishers get their posts translated with a single click!

How does CMSwithTMS for MediaWiki work?

CMSwithTMS adds a small widget to the right sidebar.

Translate MediaWiki Content

A user with the necessary permissions can send an existing or new post to translation by simply checking the “Send to CMSwithTMS” checkbox, selecting the target language and clicking the “Translate” button. This will create a new job in the associated GlobalSight TMS instance and initiate the predefined workflow.

CMSwithTMS adds a Special Page to the MediaWiki instance, “CMS with TMS – Jobs”:

MediaWiki Localization

Using this page, you can track the status of the pages that you have sent to GlobalSight for translation. Once complete, the “Download” button will let you download the translated content and make the page available in the target language.

Using the common “Also available in XXX” link, your users now consume the Wiki content in the language of their choice:

MediaWikiTranslation Tool

You can find detailed installation, configuration and using instructions on the CMSwithTMS Documentation page.

We are very excited about this release and would love to hear your comments and feedback. Please let us know how you use CMSwithTMS and what we can do to make it better!