We are excited to announce the new version of CMSwithTMS for WordPress which supports theme translation. You can now send the portable object (.po) files of the theme to translation, directly from the WordPress backend. The option appears in your CMSwithTMS menu.WordPress Theme Translation

How does theme translation work in WordPress?

WordPress uses gettext and portable object files for theme text. Check I18n for WordPress Developers for properly internationalizing your WordPress theme and getting it ready for translation. Once you have you have the portable object files, you are ready to get your theme text translated using GlobalSight.

Sending theme files to translation using CMSwithTMS

From the WordPress backend, select Theme under the CMSwithTMS menu. This page will list all the languages you configured for your site previously and check if there are existing translated portable object files for the theme.

Translate WordPress Theme

Tick the “Upload” box for the language that you want to add to your site and click “Send for Translation”. This will create the job on GlobalSight and dispatch the translation workflow. Once the translation is complete (GlobalSight Status column will display Complete), you can click the “Download Translation” button to get the translate portable object file to your site. It will be downloaded to the correct location automatically and your theme will be available in the target language immediately.

Handling theme updates with CMSwithTMS

As your site grows, you may add new page templates or additional messaging to your site. This will add (or remove) strings to your theme’s portable object files. To update the translated versions accordingly, simply go to the CMSwithTMS>Theme page, tick the Upload box for all the languages and click “Send for Translation”. Since the translation memories are maintained by GlobalSight, only the new and updated strings will be processed for the translation workflow.

No need for manual diff creation or clean up. GlobalSight will handle all those for you. Simply click the Download Translation button once the translation is completed and all your languages will be up to date.

Get the new version of CMSwithTMS from our download page and head to the documentation page for installation and configuration options. Contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions or comments.