A Translation Management System, or TMS in short, is a complete system for managing translation activities. Translation Management Systems typically include the following components:

  • Project Management
  • Translation Memory Management
  • Workflow Management
  • Cost Management

A TMS replaces the traditional translation process where a project manager manually handles file exchange between the translator, editor, proof reader and other steak holders of the translation workflow that a company uses. Instead of the manual exchange, the TMS system handles all communication and keeps a centralized Translation Memory which eliminates the manualĀ maintenanceĀ needs and therefore reduces costs and room for error. Most Translation Management Systems also offer an integrated CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) environment which eliminates the need for linguists to employ their own tools.

How does CMSwithTMS help translate your web content?

Multilingual web publishing is becoming a need for many businesses. Without a proper system in place, the multi language publishing process is cumbersome. Finding linguists, copy/pasting the content in and out, managing the file exchange is often an headache for publishers. You won’t believe how easy this process will be with CMSwithTMS. Publish your source content, click “send to translation” and done! The professionally translated post will be automatically pushed back to your site!Translation memories are stored in the cloud for cost savings.

What is GlobalSight TMS

GlobalSight is an open source Translation Management System actively developed and used by many language services providers as well as enterprises. CMSwithTMS enables you to seamlessly connect the Content Management System (CMS) of your choice to GlobalSight. You will be able to dispatch a translation job with a single click and get all the benefits that a Translation Management System offers. Using the CMSwithTMS implementation you can avoid the high cost of a proprietary translation management system, leave all the technical work to our team and focus on your web publishing efforts.